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Friday, July 13, 2012

Shopping day + Recent coordinates


pic heavy post... again! xD

It's been quite a while since the last time I enjoyed summer this much. I almost forgot how it feels like :(  You know the feeling when you get all the hard work done and finally, you are free??  Well, I will enjoy every second of it ^^

Anyways, here are the couple of outift shots taken recently;

Top: Some shop in Takeshita Dori
Jeans: One Way (Shibuya109)
Shoes: Flag-J (Shibuya109)

                                                             Top: AmonAvis
                                                             Jeans: GAS
                                                             Shoes: Massimo Dutti
                                                             Bag: Derimod

                Went to dinner and then shopping, had some family time ^^ it was fun!

                                                    My dinner, Grilled Meatball, so delicious!

Got this very pretty bustier top from Forever New and high-waist shorts from Mango outlet, it was soo cheap, lucky  >^o^<

The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter, I have a thing for their body butters lol always end up getting one xD Accessorize earrings, colour is so summery, love at first sight <3


                                                  Top: forgot, no tags on it.
                                                  Pants: One Way (Shibuya109)
                                                  Flats: Nine West


                            Today I tanned all day but it doesn't show that much I guess -_-

   Well, I used some bronzer to get this look, still couldn't get used to it, I always avoid sun because I think I don't suit bronze skin but this time, I'm breaking my rules xD

In the evening, I went to see the movie "Snow white and the Huntsman" with my bf and cousin, it was very good imo, Charlize Theron was breathtaking in every way :D I heard so many ppl say the ending is wrong so I had my hesitations first but then they all went away, the ending couldn't be better I think.

Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. nice outfit!! Do you think the Body Butter is good??I haven't tried Body Butter before but it looks good :0

    1. @Crystal

      Thanks Crystal ^^ The Body Shop has the best body butter, I often have long flights so my skin is always dry, I use Body Scrub first in the shover and then the body butter, works like magic. Looks like it never dried at all ^^ I've used strawberry, moringa, satsuma scented ones, this is the first time I'm getting Vitamin E one. I'll give more info later ;)

  2. OMG you look sooooo cute! (*_*)
    Really, you have that mix of a little asian look with those big eyes - like those cute Popteen models!!(*_*)
    Super cute^^ As well as your clothes<3
    Your food looks delicious, is it traditional turkish food? I'm very interested in turkish food, want to try this^^

    1. @Shou

      wow I'm so happy to hear all this and shy at the same time >*____*< Thank you so much Shou. I'm glad you like the clothes as well (YAAAAAAY !XD)

      Yes, the meatball isn't like any normal meatball out there, it has special spices in it, the name should be Smyrna Meatball, if you ever get the chance of going to a Turkish restaurant, they might have it ;) (if you see the one with the tomato sauce, this is the version without it). ^^

  3. wow your outfits are so cute!!!! :D
    you´re so pretty! :)

  4. @~*NeNe*~

    aww thank you, I'm glad you like them *_____*

  5. You're so pretty you got a beautiful smile ^^

    Lovely pics and outfits ^^

    Love from your new follower Emi

  6. you are so pretty, love your eyes.
    lets follow each others blog. i love yours. i hope we can be friends

  7. Lol, I watched Snow White and the Huntsman when it first came out. The only redeeming thing about it was Theron IMO. That and Chris Hemsworth's sterling body hahaha. Awesome ensembles by the way. I totally love your style!

    I've followed you, if you don't mind haha.

    Care to follow back?


    1. @Ada

      Hi, thank you ^^ followed back >^-^<

      couldn't leave comment on your post, guess there's something about my pc, not really sure though :(

  8. You're so adorable :) I love your first outfit! So casual and comfy yet stylish :D

    keep in touch :)

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    We're holding a giveaway @

  9. Love your wide pants sooo much, the prints are just amazing!! cute outfit!:D


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