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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Cappadocia Trip !

Hi cuties!

I'm in Cappadocia now and for 3 days ^^ I never knew this place is such fantastic *___* I'm still in shock ! Far far away from all the noise, traffic crisis and crowd... Even the air makes me feel so refreshed. All those years, Cappadocia is this close to me and I never thought of going, can't believe how silly I am -__-

The hotel is amazing, it's a cave hotel, something you can rarely get to see, I can't really explain how amazed I am with just words, sorry xD  we arrived at the hotel and rested for a few hours.

                                         There's also a Sauna in the bathroom xD Love it!

In the evening, we went to have Dinner at a very nice restaurant. I had Yaprak Sarma (grape leaves filled with spicy rice, pinos and black currants) and stuffed artichoke, they were soo good! Bf had the Yoghurt soup first!

Here's bf enjoying his "Kayseri Manti", small dumplings filled with minced meat, spices and parsley, served with garlic yoghurt (or plain yoghurt), tomato sauce, dried mint flakes.

Outift of the day ^^

Close up :

Tomorrow we will join the tour and visit the Underground city, Ihlara valley, Kaymakli, Belisirma, Selime and so many more.

DAY 2 post tomorrow, thanks for reading ^^



  1. omgosh!!! This place and the hotel looks so amazing! must have cost a bomb!


      hehe thanks ^^ stayed for 2 nights, including breakfast. $100 for each person, in a hotel like this, it's actually soooo cheap :D

  2. Konichiwa Anna-chan! ^__^

    I saw your blog link from Jelly's blog and thought that I should come say hi.
    Really cute outfit you got there and I'm loving your earrings!

    Feel free to visit my blog

    Hope to hear from you soon! (^____^)

  3. Nice blog! ^_^
    I'm your new follower!~ ♥


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