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Monday, February 11, 2013

Reviews: GEO Tri Color Brown + YSL Pure Chromatics 4 wet and Dry Eye shadow 13 swatches + Nails of the week :)

Hello girls, reviewing two products in one blog post for the first time :)

First: YSL Pure Chromatics eyeshadow no: 13

 Very lovely, pigmented, silky eyeshadow, has 4 colors in a pallette, absolutely gorgeous *-*

 With flash:


* Easy to apply, silky smooth
* Has 4 colors, can create different looks, they blend very well
* Can be applied both wet and dry, you can use it as eyeliner if applied wet, how awesome is that :D
* So sparkly *-* perfect for speacial occasions
* Doesn't fall out at all!
* Great for creating sexy smokey eyes ^_~
* Comes with a mirror and wet/dry use brushes.

- Expensive
- Way too sparkly for daily wear but I will use it anyway, I love the colors *-* 

I wear Geo Tri Color browns here :)

Second: GEO World Brown aka Tri Color Brown aka CM-902

Diameter: 14.0mm/14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

Enlargement: 4/5

Enlargement is very natural, almost as big as my own eyes, I love it!

Color: 5/5

Color shows up different sometimes depending on the lightning, greenish brown, yellowish brown, honey brown...  All of them look so pretty.

Design: 5/5

 Lenses don't look freaky close up imo which is very important :)

Comfort: 5/5

Very comfy, no burning, itching or any discomfort. Don't dry out easily, I've worn them for 10 hours without eye drops!

Camwhoring with the lenses :)

And the nails of the week

 Hope the reviews will help, feel free to ask questions if any.
Thank you for stopping by ^^



  1. OMG those YSL colours are so pretty and shiny :)
    The lenses suit you very well. You combined the two to create a really stunning look! :DDD

  2. Your eyes are gorgeous! *o* and your nails too :3

  3. I love the colors! and OMG! you are so pretty! :"">
    Drop by my blog too dear?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  4. How can you be so gorgeous! :D Teach me how to have lovely eyebrows!! <3

  5. lovely colors
    i love YSL too. But yup, its expensive but always worth it:)
    ow i love your lashes:)

  6. Wow,this looks really your nails.*_*

  7. Pretty pictures and really nice nails! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog maybe you're interested?


  8. Love the eyeshadows! And girl omg, you are so prettyyy :)
    The lenses are so natural i like it, i need some like those!

  9. Those eyeshadows look lovely on you!
    And I wrote it million times but... you look like
    a japanese model for me >_> Soooo jellyyyyy ♥♥♥

    1. I am so happy right now lol this is the most flattering thing ever said to me, thank you sweety, you look like a Japanese gal model, too :) so pretty and cute ❤

  10. You are so pretty!!!! nice post!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. Love the super pretty eye-make! ^^

  12. Are the ones u wore 14 or 14.2 dia in pictures?


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