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Saturday, July 28, 2012

❤ My weekend ^^ + Forever New buys ❤

Hello !

Hope you guys having fun this weekend, I really do except weather here is SO HOT so no choice but to go indoors T_T Anyways, today we went to AnkaMall for some shopping, cinema and of course, the food lounge (where you can find anything to eat xD ) First, we went to see Amanda Seyfried's new movie "Gone" it was good, I'm a fan of hers ever since I first saw her in "Mean Girls" as Karen ☆

Dress: Pull'nBear
Crochet top: some random shop in China
Wedges: Flag-J (got them last year from Shibuya109) ❤

After the movie, we had dinner, "Iskender Kebab" is my weak point, even though it's very fattening, I just can't resist! T_T

The mall has so many stores, impossible to see all in one day so I just went to my favourites. I love Forever New ❤ girly clothing, rhinestones, pearls, glitters  ☆ I tried 3 dresses on but got 2 of them. Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet but I already have a few unworn ones, no need for another. but pretty, right? The back was nice,too ❤

I didn't take pics of my new dresses, hopefully nice ootd's are coming on the way ^^ I also got this clutch ❤
 it was so cheap, I couldn't help myself lol

Random pics  ☆
 ☆ Trying glasses at Mango

 ☆  I love this mint green jacket from Zara, regret that I didn't get it :(

Thanks for stopping by ☆

Thursday, July 26, 2012

☆ Perfect no heat curls ☆ Black floral OOTD ☆

☆ Hey everyone ! ☆

I've been busy for a while, time is very important right now because I only have 1 month with my family then I'll go back home, China :) so I treasure every moment ☆

My mood is my outfit so today I picked this black floral straples dress which I truly love ❤ I bought it very cheap and it has very good quality ❤ My cardigan's from Takeshita dori, I took it off later because it was too hot lol I left my black wedges at home which would fit perfectly T_T so I wore these instead.

My hair got damaged really bad after bleaching and all but I managed to get through and have healthy hair again, I would never ever get my hair any damage. I moisturize it often and never apply heat on it but I still can get this perfect lasting curls without curling iron, straighteners or hot rollers xD Magic? no :) I try all kinds of non heat curlers and pick the ones I like ☆ even socks can make it happen lol I tried it, too. My curls lasted 3 hours and was messy so never did it again :( maybe I failed lol  I will blog about how I curl my hair without damaging later. Let me know what you think and if you have any healthy curling methods, please share ☆

See you ❤

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Liz Lisa outfit ♥ camwhoring ♥ movie day

♥ Hello ♥

Today, me and bf went to see the movie "Ice Age 4" finally! It was so funny, I love Diego and Manny so much ♥ I wore my floral asymmetric LL dress from spring collection "Love Pasterine" , will never get bored of floral prints ♥  combined it with a crochet top. The dress looks prettier itself but this time I made a little change by an inspiration from the collection ♥


Been trying a few photo filters on iPhone lately, some are nice some are just meh! Here are the camwhoring shots I took today;

 Hopefully, my skills will improve haha xD Must buy a good camera real soon :( Any recommendations?

Thanks for stopping by ♥

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Outfit of the day + new nails

Hello girls, just a quick update ^^

We came back from Cappadocia and "Ramadan" has already started ^^ We are fasting now :) I drink lots of water and eat a lot at night, I didn't feel thirsty or hungry in the past 2 days.

Bought this mint green jeans, I just love the sherbet colour trend ^^ here's the OOTD :)

Plain T-shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Nine West

FOTD - I used Dolly Wink's green eyeshadow on my eyelid, applied some brown shadow to the bottom instead of pink one in the palette.
Dolly Wink's black eyeliner
L'oreal One million lashes mascara
Melliesh lip gloss
Rimmel bronzing powder

It was a bad hair day so I just did a messy bun xD

I did my nails today by watching dear blogger Eki's tutorial HERE ^^ I had so much fun doing it, thanks to Eki :) Here's the result ! (of course I used different products, colour might look a bit different)
a close up to my ring xD

Been wearing more otona clothes lately, guess it's time to go back all Liz Lisa again :D
tomorrow it will be :D Thanks for stopping by ^^


Friday, July 20, 2012

My Cappadocia Trip Day 2 !

Hello again! 

Sorry, I’m late L I was gonna blog about my 2nd day at the end of the tour but I was exhausted and went to bed right away L Our 2nd day was really good, Here's the outfit of the day ^^

Top: Dazzlin
Pants: Oxxo
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Desa
Glasses: Mango
Hat: from China
I also curled my hair but the weather and the dust made my hair heavier so didn't last long T_T

Our first stop was the  Kaymakli Underground city., we stayed there for an hour.

Here’s some info about Underground cities; 

“ The underground cities, which are guessed to be used since the Bronze Age, used to be a settlement mostly in Byzantine period, doubtless. In this period, increasing invasions forced local residents to build underground cities for protection and religious purposes. Until now  even that have been determined about 40 underground cities just six of these have been opened for visit. Nobody can know how many underground cities there are in the Cappadocia area. ” 

We went 60 meters down in there and it was very cold… it’s unimaginable, I mean how is it possible to dig deep down and actually create a building in underground… in Bronze age!Outside  was 42 °C but I felt like I was cathing a cold in there, suddenly I was sneezing and had runny nose but when we went out I turned normal again xD

There are kitchens, cemeteries, churches, barns, meeting rooms and so many small rooms. There is also a big Stone door, it’s like a Stone wheel and can slide in the slot there but stil looks impossible to close the door inside. 

In the afternoon we went to Ihlara valley, saw the churches, went for a walk, took many pictures and had lunch there. Here’s the info about it;

“Ihlara Valley, which is a 16 km (10 mi) long gorge cut into volcanic rock in the southern part of Cappadocia, following several eruptions of Mount Erciyes. The Melendiz Stream flows through the valley.

What makes the valley unique is the ancient history of its inhabitants. The whole canyon is honeycombed with rock-cut underground dwellings and churches from the Byzantine period.

Due the valley's plentiful supply of water and hidden places, here was the first settlement of the first Christians escaping from Roman soldiers. In the Ihlara Valley there are hundreds of old churches in the volcanic rock caves”

We walked along the river but only for 4km, I loved the place so much, so relaxing with all the green trees, pure water and wind flowing. Living in a big city really made me miss seeing the natural beauty. I needed this trip :) 

Our lunch spot

Next stop was Derinkuyu underground city, yet another huge one, here’s what its door looks like;

We stopped at a crater lake "Lake Nar" for 10 mins.

Our last stop was Selime Monastery in Guzelyurt. Very hard to climb on but the more you climb the more you wanna go higher. It was pretty crowded in there so we didn’t go to top of the monastery.


When we go back, there was a phone call from my Chinese teachers, they’re also travelling around Turkey and decided to meet us in Cappadocia, later that day we came to Istanbul together. We ate dinner and talked about their vacation, so far they’re happy :D in our 3rd day we went to a Balloon flight and another tour together which I’ll blog about next. Thanks for reading ^^

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