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Thursday, July 5, 2012

First post ^^

Hello everyone, this is my very first post so I'm kinda nervous xD

My name is Seyda but I use Anna as a nickname since it's easy to remember lol I'm Turkish but currently
living in China with my fiancee for 3 years. My native language is Turkish, I can speak fluent English and Chinese. 

I love gyaru fashion, everything about Japan, food, travelling, shopping and make-up just like every other girl :) First time I met gyaru fashion in 2008 I guess, I just adored the style but couldn't afford it then T_T Gal fashion is not that famous in Turkey so we don't have a circle yet, in this blog I hope to meet all the gals and maybe even create a gal circle in Turkey?? *-*

My style icon is Funayama Kumiko, I just adore her *-* Other models I really like are Tsubasa Masuwaka, Rui Kotobuki, Mai Hirose, Okarie, Kanno Yui, Sakurina, Fujii Lena and soo many more. My top three fave Japanese brands are Liz Lisa, Snidel, Dazzlin.

I'm a gamer,too xD I play games on PS3, if you have a PSN ID you can add me, mine is Tekken_Girl. If you are familiar with games, you should know my absolute fave is Tekken by now :D

I used to watch lots of anime but now I rarely have that time :( I also like cosplay and did a few before :)

In this blog I will blog mostly about my life, gal fashion, make-up, product reviews, shopping, hair and make-up tutorials and so many more...

Hope you girls enjoy  and pls remeber to leave a comment, tell me what you think :)

Here are some random pics ^^

                                                                                Rina Sakurai

                                                                       Kotobuki Rui & Funayama Kumiko

I also love to read popteen alot :) my other fave mags are Vivi and Jelly.

See you next post ^^



  1. Hi! Nice blog! How is life in China?

  2. Hello :) Thank you ^^

    it's been pretty hard to adjust a different culture but it's fine now :) I came back to Turkey for summer holiday so I'll blog about my life in China later.


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