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Saturday, March 30, 2013

New wig + ombre braid + baking desserts xD + new nails :)


Ahhh I'm neglecting my blog again T_T school and work at the same time really makes me feel exhausted... ok... I am sure there are so many ppl like me out there yet they don't make excuses about it. 

For two weeks, I was discovering new yummy food spots, shopping online, cooking desserts to friends and ehhem... gaming xD 

I am also very stressed about planning my own wedding, I still didn't choose my gown. My hair is so short, I always dreamed about wearing my hair long like Rapunzel at my wedding so this upsets me, too (though I can get extensions that look exactly the same as my hair) I still don't know how I am gonna figure this out. I feel fat, too yet everybody says exact the opposite, guess I am overreacting :(

As for the hair part, I stopped looking at my old pics when I had long hair and I got this wig just to see how it looks on me. 

This was my hair 3 years ago btw T_T

I love the wig so much ! almost feels like real *-*

I also got a few clips of colourful extensions, did an ombre braid with side bun, first try ok xD I need some practise xD

Me and my friend baked a cake for another friend of ours, we wanted to make a surprise but the cake ended up looking so creepy :D it was meant to be a Hello Kitty head  :D it tasted very good though :D yes, we ate it all by ourselves and instead, baked Hello Kitty cookies which we finally succeeded :D 

 After LOOOOL xD it was all my fault, I sprinkled the chocolate on it la T_T

Pheww at least the cookies are in good shape :D

She called me later to say that she wants to learn how to cook it :D next time, I will show her :D which made me super happy because I didn't even tasted them, just wrapped a gift package and gave them to her. I really am good at cooking and baking stuff bwahahaha! super modest, too :D

As for the nails of the week; I blinged these fake nails, goes with any coord nicely :)

Thank you for stopping by, take care all ^^

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 OOTDs: Matching shoes with tops ^^ + Review: Jewerich no:2 lashes + Japanese restaurant

Hello ^^

I like matching the colors with tops and shoes lately,  it helps creating simple yet nice coords. If you can't plan on what you'll be wearing, you can do this trick as well, goes with anything perfectly! 

 Shirt: Liz Lisa
 Cardigan: Zara

Also a review on the Jewerich false lashes no: 2 , this is my 2nd try wearing false lashes, first time I wore Dolly Wink no: 1.

Jewerich no:2 lashes are very thick but not as heavy as it looks. It actually feels kinda light when you get used to it. I needed to cut one piece for better fit. 

Perfect for gal makeup ! I first saw these on Okarie and fell in love xD


+ Easy to apply
+ Unique shape
+ Looks so pretty in photos :)
+ Comes with two pairs, looks like I can use them for a loong time!
+ Cute packaging!


- Close up, they look way too fake!
- Shiny!

There's this Japanese restaurant near my home, very pricy but the food is so yum! You can tell why it is full of Japanese people there.  Ordered Salmon Sashimi (of course xD ), Tempura shrimp roll, Tempura Udon and Miso soup. Perfectly satisfied! Can't wait to go again *_*


One last question

Which is nice? Heavy makeup or light makeup on me? Which one would you prefer? 
Thanks in advance ^^ 
See you girls!
xoxo <3

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dolly Wink no:1 Lashes + LOTD + Project Diva F + Puream Circle Lenses

Hi !  It's been too long since I last posted, how have you guys been? I am good, except catching a cold and a little weight gain >-<  

I am kinda afraid of false lashes, it's because I accidentally plucked my own when I was trying to took them off once (ok... twice!) so I never ever touched them. BUT my own lashes seem so weak lately and I want to give them a break with all the heavy mascara. I tried again and this time it worked! I finally managed to wear false lashes lol yes it is actually a big deal for me ^_~

And yes, I got Project Diva F ! Finally a new game ^^ so much fun as always but I wish we could play old songs, too T_T maybe there will be a DLC ? I really hope so ...   

Me cosplaying Hatsune Miku here, an old picture but anyways, I love Miku <3

New stuff ^^

After using Skin79's hot pink BB cream for 3 years, I bought Lancome Teint Miracle 010 , it's not as matte as bb cream and not as white, too :D I like it! I also got Chanel Illusion d'ombre eyeshadow in fantasme 81, sparkly white, it's ok.

  I was bored of using natural colors on my makeup so I made a change ^^

also got the Chinese issue of Vivi, lots of spring coords *____*


and one question girls

Anyone wore Puream series circle lenses? I wanna try one! I can't resist circle lenses at all lol Let me know ^^
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