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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记 Blooming of Beauty Moroccan Rose Mask Review + Popteen June snaps

Hello girls! so today I woke up and went to jog. All that time, my face was itching bad because it was very dry and I had to do something.

I bought some of My Beauty Diary's masks before my summer holiday from China and I'm glad I did :)

So here's the review on Blooming of Beauty series' Moroccan Rose mask. It comes in a very cute box with 5 pcs of masks.

What it promises: Double moisture + hydrating, leaving skin silky soft.

Instructions on the back is in Chinese of course but basically;

1. Clean and soften your face

2. Put the mask on

3. Leave it for 20-30 mins. or as long as you want as I did :)

So let's give it a try ^^

At first look, it's very fresh, smells soo nice and the essense is so much more then I expected.

Once applied my face didn't feel itchy at all. It covers the face well,too.

I got the Popteen June 2012 issue while waiting, feeling relaxed :) I waited like an hour and when I take it off, the mask didn't get dry, the essence was still too much :) so I applied it on my neck,too lol

Here's the after pic. My face was really moisturized and hydrated. I am very satisfied with the result BUT I guess my face is too dry I need to use it again next day so it's for normal skin.

Will I get it again?  I find the My Beauty Diary's Natto mask and Hyarulonic Acid masks better personally so will stick to them xD

I later noticed, I also got this one which is what I exactly needed;

My Beauty Diary Snail Mask :) yes, snail lol there's also a deep moisturizing cream comes with the mask so yes, next mask review will be this one ^^ 

I took some Popteen snaps while waiting :)

                                                       MaiMai dressed as a boy :D Too cute ^^

This season every item has a kitty on it :) Cat prints, cat ears... I want them all >^o^< nyannn!

Love Mizukitty's makeup here, so pure... and the Dazzlin T-shirt  <3

In the afternoon, I went to shopping, will blog about it tomorrow because I'm so tired, going to bed now.

Hope you like the review and if you have any questions, please ask ^^



  1. Thanks for your comment^^ Miso soup is really delicious and easy to make :3

    Wow you look so cute!! I love your slim arms*-* *jealous*

  2. i will try making it and let you know the result in the future :)

    i lost 10kilos over the year, used to have chubby arms xD thank you, arm exercises also helps alot :)

  3. Hello, I just found your blog ^o^ I like it♥

    How come you live in China?

    I think you look so cute >///< Is blonde your natural haircolor?

    I'll follow you~

  4. Hi, thanks alot ^^ 3 years ago I went to China for university, now I'm gonna graduate soon :D

    My natural hair colour is dark brown, dyed it blonde almost a year ago ^^

    Following you btw, thanks :)

  5. Hi, there^^
    Nice blog u have here, with lots of pics too, really informative
    So u like The beauty diary natto mask better, well I never tried my beauty diary mask before and now I kinda look for some hydrating mask. I think I should give it a try.
    Thanx for sharing the info^^
    btw I followed ur lovely blog, hope u like to follow me back
    I'm at :

    1. Hey thanks for visiting and following my blog ^^ I like your blog,too. Followed you back :)

      I absolutely recommend My beauty diary masks, I have dry skin, natto and hyarulonic acid masks are perfect for me. Pick one of your choice according to your skin type, you won't be dissapointed imo :)

    2. Hi, Anna
      I tagged u on Versatile Blogger Award.
      Kindly check it on my blog post : )


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