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Monday, January 28, 2013

❤ Without Circle Lenses ❤

Hello gals!

I forgot to bring my circle lenses over and ordered new ones but by the time, I took lots of pics without them. As circle lenses are an important part of the gal makeup, I rarely take pics without them, not that I use them daily, only when I take pics LOL

If someone wears lenses, ppl tend to think that they don't like their own eyes or they look ugly (not as pretty) without lenses ( some even say sarcastic things) This really bothered me for a long time but I got used to it. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the reason I wanna share these pics at all. Anyways, this is how I look like without circle lenses :)

 End of the camwhore shots xD Let me know what you think  ❤

Friday, January 25, 2013

❤ My Engagement Party + Istanbul with friends + Galata Tower ❤

Hi gals! I had my engagement party last week ^^ well, I actually got engaged 2 years ago and now I am officially married to my fiancee :D this is the celebration dinner, there will be two weddings in the summer, this is why I call this engagement haha doesn't make any sense but whatever xD

The shoes... I wore them last summer to our friend's wedding (in the first pic), it was a perfect compliment to my dress, I just love these shoes ❤

My hair and makeup - no circle lenses xD I would camwhore with circle lenses if only I didn't forget to bring them. I have so many camwhore pics without circle lenses now, maybe I should post them here on my next blog post? :D

 My dress ❤

 Next day we brought our friends Fatih and Ozlem to the Galata Tower and Ortakoy for lunch and sightseeing. They came from Ankara to Istanbul just for the celebration dinner, we thought it would be nice since they don't come often, actually it was the first time for Ozlem in Istanbul so she was very happy :D

 I wore my mother's jacket haha :D
The Ortakoy Mosque will reopen soon after restitution.

 A lovely Starbucks coffee house there :)
 Yummy desserts :D I love pistacchio ice cream so much, can eat it every single day  ❤

 The Galata Tower, lol :D

 I like the view at the top of the tower, especially at nights :)
    And that's it for today, thanks for reading :)
Have a nice weekend everyone :)
xoxo ❤

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Circle Lenses to review ^_^


I've ordered two pairs of circle lenses from Pinkyparadise two weeks ago and now they have arrived :) can't wait to review *o*

I've made a quick search on what kind of circle lenses Sayoko Ozaki's using and found this mag scan where she shares her favorites :)

She likes Twinkle eye brown the most but they are way too yellow so it's a no for me xD the list follows; Candy Magic Gossip Brown, Candy Magic Natural Brown, Angel Color Quarter Vision Brown and finally Angel Color World Brown ^^

I thought Geo World Brown would suit me the most :)  Here're a few pics where she wears them;

It seems Angelababy also has a pair xD

The other pair I got is Geo Magic Twist aka BC-101 to enlarge my brown iris :) I've used them before and they look so dolly which I loooove <3

Reviews on the way ^^

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outfit post :)

Hello :)

These are the OOTD and FOTD's I've worn lately :)

Thank you for stopping by ^^
xoxo <3

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