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Friday, August 24, 2012

New hair + Shopping ^^ + Tsubasa Masuwaka inspired FOTD + OOTD's + EOS Adult Brown lenses

Hello ^^

I finally went to my hair dresser ^^ my roots are no longer ugly and I have gone slightly more blonde,  I didn't ask for it, it was a suggestion, I thought why not xD I know it doesn't look like a big change but I think it's different somehow lol

I did some shopping from Zara and Bath&Body Works :)

Me trying the hand scrub there ^^

What I got <3

I got two sets of hand scrub and softener for me and my mom, two big size fragranced candles, antistress candles :) The saleswoman gave us some lotion samples, too ^^ I didn't take pics of what I got from Zara, you will see them in OOTD's but basically I got a white blazer with studs on the back, a white-beige colour jeans, a studded jean jacket :) as I don't go shopping often (because I love to buy things online lol) I am super satisfied with all the things I got. I can review the hand scrub and softener if you want, let me know!

I wore this outfit for hair saloon and to shopping, I am so happy that I no longer have that ugly roots xD
T-shirt: Mango
Jean shorts: Forever21
Bag: Desa
Necklace: Mango
Shoes: Massimo Dutti

My manicure, love the french nails <3

Anyways, I also went to a football match of my favourite team "Galatasaray", been supporting them like forever xD Here's my brother, me and my bf.

One day for dinner, I wore my MiiA pearl collar shirt *-* I think it's perfect for every occasion and can fit very well even with jeans. Jeans from Mavi, sunglasses from Dsquared and shoes from Nine West.

I used my Dolly Wink Eyeshadow palette in 04 with Green-Pink shades for the FOTD to match my shirt ^^ turned out more colourful and sparkly than I thought :)

And today, I used my EOS Adult Brown lenses for the first time, very nice pair ^^
Simple make up with brown eyeliner, gold eye shadow and nude lipstick.

And camwhored of course :D

Thank you for stopping by ^^ please come again :)


  1. your eyes look pretty!
    please check out my blog too ^^

  2. awwww you look so cute again *v*
    I love the pastel blouse<3

  3. So gorgeou!

  4. Pretty!
    You look amazing! ^w^

  5. Your eyemake is cute as always (*^ ◡^*)
    I lol'ed at the picture where you were dying your hair, it looked hilarious XD
    But your hair looks more lighter now, than before (・ω・)! ~

  6. Great pictures :) Your shirt is gorgeous :)

  7. love your new haircolor and nails ^^ so pretty
    and ur makeup is kinda daily but it looks perf on u <3 I wish I didn't look so weird in lenses without lashes hehehe

  8. those lenses are so pretty on you!

  9. You've a really fantastic blog <3 It's reallay deliciuos :D I like it! :D ps:I've also a blog :) if you also like it we could follow each other!! :D ((let me know))

  10. cute nails & love the colored lenses on you. :)
    x0 chelsea

  11. I only can say "Wow" :)

  12. Such a cute blog & you're so pretty! Btw, I love your brown sandals in your first OOTD.

  13. wow so cute!
    Please tell me how do you make yours eyes! i looooove your lashes so much!

    greetings from germany ^.^

  14. I totally love these collar shirts. I think the one you chose looks really pretty :) And the light hair colour deffinetely suits you well.
    ♥ Keki

  15. Oh look so sweet and cute, omg, you're like an angel <<33


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