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Friday, August 10, 2012

My week ❤ OOTD + FOTD ❤ Camwhoring


Sorry for not updating for a while, I've been flying between two cities alot and I feel so tired :( Here's what I've been up to lately xD

I wore this outfit to a shopping mall, it kinda looks boring but I still like the colours ^^

My make-up for that day, sorry for the very close pic haha :D I went for a natural look rather than smoky eye :)

My buys from English home, pink bed sheets, pillowcases and a floral blanket, I love them sooo much!

One night, we went to an amusement park, it was fun. It was a loong time ago since I've been there, in 2008 I guess o_O The place was huge, I wanna go again xD I took this pic while on a spaceship :D

Playing chess and smoking shisha ( a.k.a hookah, narghile) with bf. Drinking tea is a must for me while smoking it lol I was very shocked because the game ended with a draw for the first time. Never saw this happening between us :D
One evening, we went for an Iftar dinner to our friend's house. They prepared so much to eat and the food was so nice *-* Later we played Tekken on PS3, I sooo love this game. (sorry for the blurry pic >-< )

And random camwhore shots :D

Thanks for stopping by ❤


  1. you're gorgeous!! take care always!!

  2. Like ur white floral top outfit u wear for dinner.

  3. Mmm..shisha.. :D

    Haven't smoked one in ages! I have a nargila I have bought in Israel long ago and some unopened cherry-flavoured tobacco in my fridge...hmm..maybe I should open it :P

    I think you eyes are really cute ^^

    Frillycakes ♥

  4. beautiful!!love the shoes!!!your eyes look huge and amazing as well!!!:)

  5. Beautiful as always (⌒▽⌒)
    Aaw looks like you had a lot of fun ( *`ω´)

    I've tried smoking hookah two times, and I think it's funny when you inhale and then the water bubbles xD lol ( *ω*)

  6. Looks you had a great time! ^^
    love your natural look, i envy your big eyes haha!

  7. Oh, you look so, so beautiful! :))

  8. lovely hairstyle :)

    it is appreciated if you take time to visit my blog and follow me :)
    christian | my blog :

  9. It is a nice blog. Every day, I'm looking forward to it. You're eyes are always shining beautifully. Ryoma sakamoto

  10. you´re so cuteeeeeeee!!!!! <3 :D

  11. Nice!
    Glad to hear you had a great time!

  12. i love your blog its so cute :)you look flawless in those pics :D

    followed you too xx

  13. HAHa, I love the shot of you playing Tekken. Great one!! You even play with an arcade stick, I bet you got mad skills :-)
    Nice blog! Lots of pretty pictures of a pretty girl. See you around

  14. You are so cute:)

  15. you are so beautiful <3 I know the t-shirt you're wearing!!! I saw it in HIn Kong too :)

  16. You have the face of a doll, so cute!

    I bought some items last week from Taobao and I wanted the same T-shirt you're wearing in white, but it was already sold out :( It's so beautiful ♥

    Have a nice day.

  17. Nice pants! and that floral blanket!!


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