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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New DIY nails :)

Hi gals!

I decorated these fake nails ^^ lol I'm so proud of myself, I actually did a good job on them. Spent like 90mins, basically shaped them to fit my own nails, put on nail polish, sticking some glitter dust and rhinestones etc. My engagement party was on wednesday so I thought I can design something to fit my dress and accessories :) will blog about it asap xD

Here's what I used;

Shaped and used a golden colour nail polish:

 And... TADAHH!!!!

 I used my Liz Lisa Chambre a Coucher notebook as my background ^_~  I will keep designing more nails later, it became a hobby to me, I had so much fun making them :)

Pic of my hair, it's a layered chignon paired with a tiara ^^ my hairdresser read my mind, this was exactly the style I wanted ^^

OK, I must go to bed now, will post the rest of the pics later, sorry >.< Take care all :)

xoxo <3


  1. Omg so pretty! You did a great job :)

  2. you're so creative! pretty nails! Excellence!! ^__^ congrats on your engagement!!

  3. Cuuteee! ^^ & Your hair so lovely!!


  4. Whoaaaa so beautiful!
    Nails are pretty ineed,
    but last pic stole my heart♥

  5. Wahh, good job! They look professionally done - they're gorgeous!! >w<
    And your hair so pretty as well - perfect style to match!! ^w^

    1. Oh! And I tagged you in the Liebster Award! ^^


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