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Saturday, January 12, 2013

❤ I'm Back ^^ Birthday + New Hair ❤ Happy 2013 ❤

Hello, sorry I couldn't keep my blog going, well that's because I can't reach blogspot in China, it's blocked.. I came back again in Turkey for the Winter break, will stay for 2 months so hopefully I will keep posting :)

I changed my hairstyle :)

As you know, it was very blonde over a year and I got bored of it. What did I do? I CUT my hair SHORT and used PALTY's Turn Colour in Natural Brown. I am very very happy with the result! At first, it was like milk chocolate brown, eventually the colour faded and turned into a very nice mixed colour. There are some parts in cherry pink, honey brown, milky brown, dark brown and so on lol Those pinks I assume, were the orange-ish parts on my blonde hair, dunno how they turned up in pink xD

I had my birthday on December 20th, celebrated it with my bf and two friends, I wasn't planning anything actually, my plan was to read popteen on my bed and maybe go out for some cake in the evening, that's because I was getting so dead tired those few days :( SO it was a hugeeee surprise for me seeing my friends showed up at the door with all the shopping done, holding fresh flowers and presents T_T  they know how I love home cooked Chinese food so they even cooked for me. Babe got me a "❤" shaped ice cream cake ❤ I wore two different outfits ❤ Make up was all glittery and pink ❤ I will remember that day forever, it was one of the most shocking moments for me, I was so happy that I couldn't do nothing but to cry :)

Pink outfit ^^

 My second outfit is from Liz Lisa, I purchased it so long ago and didn't get the chance to post it here.
 As I got back blogging again, my next post will be a product review on Canmake Creamy Cheek no: 13 ❤

 ❤ xoxo ❤


  1. Wha happy belated birthday!"!^^

    you are in china right now? how great!! awww you're so unbeliavable pretty*-* I love your erasian look, and your hair is so great *v*

  2. welcome back!! i kept on waiting for your next post!! i thought you were not coming back in blogging anymore... i like reading your blog so much! Have a great day Anna!!

  3. You're back!!
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    You're new hair color looks great!~

  4. Happy belated birthday Anna.
    I love your short hair, and the color it turned out it is beautiful!

  5. Happy Birthday, and Happy new year! :D
    You are really pretty! Your natural makeup really suits you!

  6. Happy Birthday! You look so cute! : D

  7. Happy Birthday, love!♥
    Whoaaaaaa the pink outfit look so pretty!!
    I'm so jealous right now, haha (^w^ )"

  8. Happy Belated Birthday sweetie :)
    Looks like you had fun~~ I love your pink outfit!

  9. gosh i can see how much fun ur having. i rely love ur blog nd i was wondering if we cud follow each other??


  10. You look really cute with your new hair ^^

    Love Emi x

  11. Cute outfit! Pretty in pink! ^^
    Hehe, and belated Happy Birthday! ^^

  12. i think your hair looks so much more cute now and you def. look more gyaru with it, my dear.
    xx rae

    1. i am so happy to hear that, thankyouthankyou so much ^^

  13. Happy birthday!!!! I'm glad you're back to blog :)


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