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Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 OOTDs: Matching shoes with tops ^^ + Review: Jewerich no:2 lashes + Japanese restaurant

Hello ^^

I like matching the colors with tops and shoes lately,  it helps creating simple yet nice coords. If you can't plan on what you'll be wearing, you can do this trick as well, goes with anything perfectly! 

 Shirt: Liz Lisa
 Cardigan: Zara

Also a review on the Jewerich false lashes no: 2 , this is my 2nd try wearing false lashes, first time I wore Dolly Wink no: 1.

Jewerich no:2 lashes are very thick but not as heavy as it looks. It actually feels kinda light when you get used to it. I needed to cut one piece for better fit. 

Perfect for gal makeup ! I first saw these on Okarie and fell in love xD


+ Easy to apply
+ Unique shape
+ Looks so pretty in photos :)
+ Comes with two pairs, looks like I can use them for a loong time!
+ Cute packaging!


- Close up, they look way too fake!
- Shiny!

There's this Japanese restaurant near my home, very pricy but the food is so yum! You can tell why it is full of Japanese people there.  Ordered Salmon Sashimi (of course xD ), Tempura shrimp roll, Tempura Udon and Miso soup. Perfectly satisfied! Can't wait to go again *_*


One last question

Which is nice? Heavy makeup or light makeup on me? Which one would you prefer? 
Thanks in advance ^^ 
See you girls!
xoxo <3


  1. You look elegant as usual :)

    Thosse lashes are awesome!

  2. Ahh you are so pretty! ♥
    I like heavier make up more :) :) But that's my personal opinion, you should wear what you feel like! (*^-^*)

    Have a nice day♪

    1. I wear light or heavy makeup according to my mood haha

      Have a nice day, thank you ^^

  3. I love your shoes!

    That street you were standing on looks like a street that I've been on in China..I know it sounds totally vague but I went there 5 years ago and I can't remember if it was in Guangzhou or Beijing...

    I like light make up better!

    1. Thank you ^^ That place is a famous shopping street in Guangzhou called Beijing street :D That's why you are remembering both city names ^^

  4. you're too cute! i love the jewerich eyelashes on you. they look great. anyways i just started following you. love your blog so far :)

    xoxo Sarah

    1. Thank you ^^ glad you like my blog. I'll check yours now ^^

  5. Oh sweetie your looks so elegant, the both shoes are wonderful. I really like it the pink shoes. The false eyelash looks georgus. You looks like a lovely doll.


  6. I actually really like your eyelashes! And that pink sweater is adorable <3

  7. You are very cute.
    I like light makeup.
    There is a famous singer that is very similar to you.
    The name is Ayumi Hamasaki.
    I was surprised to see the cover of your blog.
    I also love Japanese sushi in Japan.
    We re going to eat sushi too.

    1. I love Ayumi Hamasaki ^^ she's really gorgeous! thank you ^^

  8. It's a luck if you can find a good sushi shop outside of Japan :3
    For your question, I personally prefer light make up over heavy but you can pull off both ^^
    xo, L

    1. Yes, this restaurant is amazing! Lucky ^^

      thank you ^^

  9. You are so cute as doll <3 Lovely style!

  10. Hello, Hun!
    So lovely! ♥ Why don't we follow each other? :)


  11. You look like a doll, so cute!

    I like the light makeup look the best <3

    I also adore your pink sweater ( ^.^ )

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment ^^ glad you like them.

  12. I'm so craving sushi your pictures.
    I think darker makeup looks so nice on you since you already have big eyes, but you should wear what makes you feel comfortable (^_^)

    1. I know, I feel the same right now hehe, wish I could have some sushi now >_<

      Thank you for the opinion as well ^^

  13. You are so pretty! *__* I love your style, very feminine and chic. <3 I think you look good with both light and darker make-up! You honestly don't need much tho since you have gorgeous features! ^^

  14. im speechless right now.... O_O


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