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Thursday, February 7, 2013

❤ Mode Gyaru Inspired Outfit ❤ Cat's only park :D + Lots of food :D

Hello girlies ❤

Today's outfit is Mode Gyaru inspired :)

Jumper and Shirt: Snidel Japan
Skirt:bought from a random shop
Lame thights bought from a random shop
Shoes: A Korean brand that I can't read LOL
Bag: an old present  ❤

 Momoko Ogihara and Ena Matsumoto both inspired me on this outfit and makeup, their style is totally amazing *_* what do you guys think on this coord? 

Today we went to eat some Chinese food, the food was so yummy, these are what we ordered :)

I bought this strawberry tart and Narcissus back home, there's nothing better than a good dessert and fresh flowers to make me feel good ^^

There's a Cat's only park in Nisantasi, we were passing by so I took some pics :)
There're lots of cat lovers feeding them and playing with them, the cats look so happy ^^

I think cats are so cute but I love dogs more haha xD Aren't they so cute?

Thanks for stopping by 


  1. You look gorgeous! >u<

    Also, I prefer dogs over cats too, but cats can be so cute~ >u<

  2. Your legs! gorgeous!! and I LOVE the shoes!!!

  3. Your outfit is perfect! You remind me of Momoko Ogihara

  4. Love the outfit, and especially the shoes! ^_^

  5. Your blog is great and very inspiring^^ love your outfit~

  6. I really love those shoes! And the collar <3

  7. I really love your shoes, it looks like Prada and miu miu's fall 2012 collection!!

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    xoxo, Mich

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog♡

    Your fashion is really cute and inspiring, also I love this outfit!! ;)

  9. Great outfit and very inspiring :) Kawaii <3


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